Friday, March 11, 2011

here ye! here ye!

Time is a tickin'. Posts will not be as frequent as I'd like them to be this month,'s for good reason! :) I have all but ONE (!!!!) week of undergrad left...Dang. I truly can't believe it. Crazy. Crazy...Phew...I'll probably be soaking that fact in more after this is posted. Anyway, what was this time like for you? Would love to hear.

Well, after this coming week, I'll be traveling to Thailand for another two weeks with some folks from my church :) We'll be teaching English in both Bangkok and Hat Yai to about 40 kids/teens. Sooooo looking forward to it! Expect an update from a neighborhood computer cafe half-way around the world while I'm there :)

Just in case you're like me and have never visited Thailand before, here's a glimpse of what it's like...

by hn

Mostly, I'm looking forward to meeting the people. People like these.

David and his Thai friend that I'll probably be meeting very soon! :)
This photo was taken by my buddy, Eunice, last year on their trip.

a Thai English camper :)
also by Eunice

Please be praying for me and the people of Thailand. Love wants to get even more acquainted with us ;)

Well, that's all for now! You'll be hearing from me sometime in the next couple of weeks! Or...maybe sooner if I need a study break. Hehe :) Goodnighttttt!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

the ruins of detroit

Hey all!

My dear friend Michael sent me a link filled with photographs of the ruins of Detroit, Michigan. He's currently in his first year of his two-year commitment with Teach For America where he sees homes and buildings like this DAILY. It amazes and saddens me how a whole city actually could decline. Take a look for yourself. I've posted a few of the photos, but I'd suggest looking at the actual site and reading the captions. They'll speak volumes. To me, these photos really urge me to pray for the people living in Detroit and for the people who no longer live there but were still greatly affected by the unfortunate "failing" of its car industry (the main sustenance for the city's economy at the time). It also urges me to continue to take part in freely and joyfully giving.

Lol. And kind of a side note...Another thing it awakens in me is the practical ways someone might be able to help Detroit's economy and their own personal finances! Not sure if this is actually plausible, but many, and I mean MANY, people love vintage stuff! Wouldn't it be awesome for you and them if you could buy (maybe from the city itself) their old things like organizers, desks, chairs, chandeliers, and use them to sell at your very own vintage furniture rental store?! or...for some DIY projects?! or...selling on your very own Etsy shop?! The possible uses could go on I'm sure...hehe :) Anyway, back to being serious...what do these photos speak to you and your soul? I'm very curious.

Bagley-Clifford Office of the National Bank of Detroit

United Artists Theater

Biology classroom, Wilbur Wright High School

Waiting hall, Michigan Central Station

East Methodist Church

East Side Public Library

Offices, Highland Park Police Station