Tuesday, June 28, 2011

photoshoot: Tiffany

Hello my beautiful reading friends!

I've just moved into a new place in San Diego and am soooo loving it! The people I'm living with are fantastic and the space is just awesome. It's a nice new change to have a room to call my own when I just need some alone time :) (Lydi, special shout out to you! I've totally loved living with you. I'll miss you!) Anyway, can't wait until everything's unpacked and made personal. Any DIY ideas you've personally enjoyed that gives a little special touch to your space?

On another personal note, today ED is three years old! :) David and I celebrate our three year dating anniversary! Tehehe :) He's picking me up in about an hour for a surprise date. Yahoo! What a ride these several years have been as we've learned tons about ourselves, about each other, about forgiveness and joy, and about grace, kindness, goodness, and love. Tons to still understand and learn to live out, but it's been good :) Hehe. I'll fill you guys in more a bit later. Till then, enjoy a glimpse of this awesome senior portrait session of an awesome lady as we celebrated her high school times and future joys and hopes!

Thanks for being a joy to be around Tiffany! Congratulations and happy summer!

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David Tran said...

e...i LOVE your pictures - your nino amigo