Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lessons learned

Big huge hi and hug! :) How are you guys today?

Are you new at something? If you are, I bet you're learning tons, huh? As a recent graduate, I'm learning about credit cards, buying cars, writing resumes, and establishing my own photography business! Crazy...I know, I know, I'm quite a bit behind on some of those things. Probably should have learned some of them a lot earlier. Oh well :)

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you all some lessons I've learned related to my new job. Hopefully, you can glean some wisdom from these as well.

1. A respectful "no" takes courage, humility, and consideration. Consideration for the other person that is.
2. There's an easy temptation for inspiration to sneakily mutate into an ugly need to conform.
3. God thinks of all things. He does not forget our emotions, desires, nor our needs. His plans are not faulty nor half-baked.

Funny secret...I totally Googled how to say "no" respectfully :) Thanks, Internet! You're awesome.

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