Monday, May 9, 2011

momma's day & giveaway winners!

Happy Monday, everyone! Hoping that you all had a great Mother's Day!

How'd you all spend your day yesterday? For me, I spent the day with the one below. Everyone, meet mi madre! Hehe. It was such a good day sporadically taking photos of and with my mom and brother, enjoying the brilliance of the vendors/crafts-persons at Unique LA (especially Danni, Steppie and Sonia! Hi friends!), and eating an oh, so special dinner! Guys, both David's and my family shared a meal together for the very first time :) Woo hoo! It was definitely a success :) Thanks Lord!

On another note...the winners for the senior portrait session giveaway have been chosen! Yay! Everyone, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts about your moms and school experiences. Hearing the love you guys have for your moms really made me smile. So...congratulations to...

If this is you, e-mail me and we'll get things goin'! Can't wait! And hehe weird thing...Alison's numbers got drawn three times! Totally should've saved the photos for you all to have seen. Haha.

Well, thanks again guys! Praying that you all have a wonderful week! Goodnight!

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