Thursday, May 19, 2011

collection: doggies

Me and dogs? Crazy, but true. I'm with some friends working on e-mails and photos while their little pups jump, wrestle, and run around us. Since I was a wee one, I've pretty much been super afraid of dogs, especially small hyper ones. They're just so fast and abrupt. It totally freaks me out. Ha. Well, I never thought that I'd spend such a long period of time around little dogs and in such close proximity, but it's happening. Crazy. So this new comfort with dogs is what inspired this post. Cheers to overcoming! :)


THERESA M said...

Your photos are amazing! I am currently floating along that pathway where I feel like photography is my way to go but I'm so scared of doing so in case I'm bad at it or something?

Your blog is an inspiration! Find me here @

elisha said...

Hi Theresa! :) Thanks so much for this comment. Means a lot to me.

Hey, and on the photography thing, do you really enjoy it? If so, don't let fear stop ya from doing it. I'm learning that there's things that every person is made to be naturally good at as well as have things they love, but need to develop in. Actually, I think even in our natural gifts, there's room for growth. Don't know if my photographing ability is a gift or skill; I just know that it's a passion of mine and that I've grown and am still definitely growing. Would love to see you do what you enjoy and to see your actual photos one day! :)