Friday, May 13, 2011

a random number of random things about me

1. I love my mom's soups.

2. Four of five of my immediate family members are/were photographers.

3. I'm really into the color of mint right now.

4. I'm still a little bit afraid of our family dog, Cheerio.

5. My ideal day starts off with not waking up to an alarm.

6. A dream of mine growing up was to adopt 10 kids-- each from a different country. We'll see how this dream goes :)

7. I'm a sucker for dresses.

8. I really don't like wearing shoes in the house.

9. It's still a struggle for me not to bite my nails...

10. If I could work at anyyy retail store, it'd definitely be Anthropologie.

11. To me, Jesus Christ is pretty darn cool. I kinda sorta love Him a lot :)

12. I have been to three countries and strangely, none of which were Mexico or Canada-- two countries, extremely close by. Mexico being only 30 minutes from where I'm currently sitting.

13. I have an awesome, awesome, awesome boyfriend named David. I call him D or Dearzors.

14. I could spend hours looking at photos.

15. I could spend even more hours taking photos.

16. Throughout my five years in college, I've had 30 different roommates.

17. I am absolutely terrified of alligators and crocodiles.

18. I am a god-mom.

19. I have two middle names, both of which start with a K.

20. My mom thought she made up my first name, but it turns out that it's in the Bible and means "God is my salvation" :)

21. Up until I was in the sixth grade, I was a model.

22. I would love, love, love to live in every state of the U.S. for at least 2 weeks.

23. In two weeks, I'll be getting my fourth driver's permit.

24. I do not yet have my driver's license.

24. I really love arts and crafts.

25. I wish I could speak more Chinese.

26. My absolute favorite ice-cream is plain chocolate with milk drizzled on top.

27. I love to dance.

28. I have the same stuffed animal sitting on my bed since I was born. Her name's Stephanie.

29. Stephanie once fell into a pile of poop...

30. I really love my family and friends.

31. I probably have a blended drink every day.

32. My future dream house would most definitely have a craft studio.

33. I don't do well under gloomy weather.

34. I'm still so stoked that I get to have a job that I truly love-- photography.

35. I am an INFP (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving).

36. I used to hide under benches and tables when seagulls flew by.

37. I have scoliosis.

38. My birthday is December 28.

39. People who care for the environment make me happy.

40. I for sure want to go back to Thailand.

41. One day, I'll have Vietnamese-Chinese babies :)

42. I have had surgery under my eye. I was awake and saw the whole thing.

43. I call my mom "madre."

44. I want to learn Vietnamese.

45. David and I met on Valentine's Day.

46. I love singing to my God in different languages.

47. I love watching live high school basketball.

48. I know how to beet box. Well, a little.

49. I eat spaghetti way too much.

50. I once went camping in the snow with only a t-shirt, baseball hat, leggings, thin sweater, and tennis shoes.

51. Dragonflies, butterflies, and hummingbirds brighten up my day.

52. I love live performances.

53. I love to laugh.

54. I love, love spontaneity.


graceelee said...

you are so cute. <3

JuliaP said...

dahahahaha i actually read thru the whole thing. you so pretty no wonder you were a model. and you have a dog!!!!!!!! what kind??????

elee1147 said...

you are too dang adorable...
l o v e l o v e l o v e y o u .

elisha said...

Hehe. Yes, we have a doggie. He's a mix of a golden retriever and something else. Not too sure.

theeclecticlife said...

Elisha! I love this get to know you better list. We have so much in common: a love for dresses, arts and crafts, dancing, Anthro, mint, laughing and Jesus! Loved reading about you on Danni's blog. Your photography is amazing and I look forward to seeing your career thrive with school behind you!

elisha said...'re so sweet. I would totally love to meet you in person one day. Thanks so much :)

WhiteGirlFang said...

cute cute cute!