Tuesday, May 31, 2011

inspired by...

Hey folks! How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Anything memorable happen?

For me, I spent tons of time with my girl friends at a place called Pacific Beach. We spent two days in a row there shopping. It was hilariously interesting to me how we could all be such great friends and have totally different styles. Oh, how things turn out :) Wish I had taken a group photo of us to show you all. Oops.

Well, today as we are all getting back to work, I thought I'd pass along some of my favorite photography resources that awaken inspiration, joy, and excitement within me. Get ready to feel it too! :)

May these bring creativity to whatever aspect of the marketplace you find yourself in!

1. by Jackie Luo
2. by Clara Nebeling
3. by Cristina Viscu
4. by Marley Kate
all found on Photodonuts

It seems that I have mostly only chosen saturated photos for ya. Interesting...I like bright and colorful photos too. Don't you? Anyway, this post has made me just wanna jump outta my seat, grab my camera, and shoot, shoot, shoot! Byeee!

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WhiteGirlFang said...

And Shoot, shoot, shoot you did! Lovely joining on your photo hike today!